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African Voices: Thanksgiving Edition with South African musician Nomsa Mazwai

Nomsa Mazwai's album, Nomisupasta

Nomsa Mazwai's album, Nomisupasta

In this special Thanksgiving edition of the African Voices Podcast, we bring you an interview with South African musician Nomsa Mazwai. For this episode, African Voices teamed up with En’kay Boateng from Legend Talk Radio to interview Nomsa and play some of her music. Nomsa won Best Alternative African Music at the South African Music Awards in 2011. She is currently based in New York, where she is studying Economics and making music at the same time.

Download Nomsa Mazwai’s music on Bandcamp. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

In the interview, Nomsa talks about how her study of Economics has helped to make her think critically about the world, and how this critical thinking permeates her music. In addition love songs, her music includes a great deal of social and political commentary about South Africa, Africa as a whole and also the relationship between African countries, the United States and Globalization. Nomsa also talks about our responsibility as Africans in the U.S. to use our skills to give back to our countries of origin. Scroll to the end of the podcast to hear Nomsa read her poem on Globalization, exclusively for African Voices and Legend Talk Radio.

So this Thanksgiving, sit back, relax and listen to the sounds of one of South Africa’s rising music stars…

African Voices: Special Edition on Nigeria and multi-nationals in Africa

We are releasing a special edition of the African Voices podcast, featuring a longer version of our interview with Anslem John-Miller, from Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP). An abridged version of this interview is available in Episode 2 of African Voices. The release of this podcast coincides with a special day for the Ogoni people from Nigeria – November 10, 1995 – the anniversary of the death of one of their most important leaders, Ken Saro-Wiwa. We intend this episode of African Voices to raise awareness around not only the effects of Shell oil company on the Ogoni people but also to initiate discussion around the often exploitative role played by multinational companies all over Africa. We also want to generate debate on the impact these multinationals have had on the movement of immigrants and refugees from the African continent to the United States.

As in Episode 2 of African Voices, we feature snippets of music from South African musician Nomsa Mazwai.

Our interviewee, Anslem John Miller, was born in Nigeria. He is a member of MOSOP, Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People. He came to Chicago as a refugee in 1996, to escape threats to his safety. He now works in the area of HIV Aids.

UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) Report on Ogoniland, Nigeria (at request of Nigerian government)

MOSOP’s website

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We are collaborating with Legend Talk Radio to bring you the latest African Voices Podcast on your cell-phone! The podcast is split into two segments – Chicago African News featuring news, events, issues and the Advice Box; Africans in Chicago Oral History featuring interviews with members of the community. You can now dial this number from your phone at the times below to listen to the podcast (all times are in US Central Time)! TUNE IN:


Schedule for African Voices Podcast
Cell-phone Schedule for African Voices Podcast

African Voices: Episode 2

United African Organization’s second African Voices Podcast is here! In the November episode:

  • News and events from the African community in Illinois this month
  • Short interview with Masankho Banda, artists and performer from Malawi
  • How to access benefits and resources with the Immigrant Family Resource Program
  • Africans in Chicago oral history interview with Anslem John-Miller, from Nigeria
  • Music from Nomsa Mazwai, South African singer who won the South African Music Award for Best Newcomer in 2011

If you would like to contribute news, events, issues, interviews or music to our podcast, email us: or call: (312) 949 9980 between 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri.

Click the link below to see the full details of news, events and music featured on the podcast.

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