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African Voices: Episode 4


The first podcast of 2012! African Voices, Episode 4! In this episode:

  • News and events from the African community in Illinois this month.
  • Top news stories from the African continent.
  • How to get employment advice from the UAO.
  • Africans in Chicago interview with Fatimata Traore, President of Illinois Association of Hair braiders.
  • Music from Chicago-based duo Survivors, made up of Johnny T from Rwanda and Jeanri from Haiti.

If you would like to contribute news, events, issues, interviews or music to our podcast, email us: or call: (312) 949 9980 between 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri.

Click the link below to see the full details of news, events and music featured on the podcast.

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This SATURDAY, 2pm: Alie Kabba’s WVON radio show on DRC

On Saturday, 14 January, 2:00pm-3:00pm, UAO’s Executive Director Alie Kabba will focus his WVON AM1690 radio show, Africa Speaks, on the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). During the show, Dr. Kabba will be on the line with Maurice Carney from Friends of the Congo. Friends of the Congo is an organization based in Washington DC that raises consciousness around the challenge of the Congo as supports Congolese institution as they try to bring about peaceful change. More details:
  • Alie Kabba hosts a monthly show on Chicago’s WVON, AM1690. The radio station provides an interactive forum for the African American community to discuss current, social, economic, and political issues. Africa Speaks will feature discussion on issues affecting the African continent.

    Don’t forget to tune in Saturday, January 14 at 2:00pm (CST) as we focus on the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. You can listen live, and call-in during the show with your comments or questions.

African Voices air-times in January on Legend Talk Radio

African Voices podcast will be airing on our partner community radio station, Legend Talk Radio, at the following times this month:

Mondays: 12pm – 1pm; 6pm – 7pm
Thursdays: 12pm – 1pm
Fridays: – 7pm – 8pm
To listen on our cell phone (free), dial 832-280-0017
You can also log on live to Legend Talk Radio online to listen.